Solutions to problems

Businesses have processes and IT programs that might not work as expected. IT Solutions providers like 360 IT Solutions are here to help you maximise what your business has and to build on it. This may be to integrate into other software packages, create a module that will work for your business or to implement something new. We have the expertise to advise you based on budget, staff, time and training. Give us a call and we can talk through the options.

Application Development

The development team at 360 IT Solutions have a wealth of commercial experience in building mission critical business software and have worked in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, architecture, engineering and waste management.

We are capable of producing applications, windows and web services and combining these where appropriate with our online platforms to provide true enterprise level solutions.

Our applications have previously been used for communicating with machinery and managing production. The applications have managed the  production of drawings and provided a platform to communicate with the customer. The waste management system pushed the company into the 21st century and allowed a high level view of what was happening in the business as well as allowing the people of the ground to do there job more efficiently without duplicating tasks.


A lot of customers have multiple systems that they use, a lot of duplication happens and mistakes occur. Integration between systems is frequently at the heart of the business solutions we produce. The architecture of our own bespoke platforms lends itself perfectly to integrating with a variety of third party systems, be they for management, product management, order processing, reporting.

We have also fully integrated with a host of payment service providers (SagePay and Worldpay), PayPal, and eBay, Facebook and Twitter and Google for both analytics and product feeds.